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Valkmusa National Park 

Photo: Markus Sirkka
Location of Valkmusa National Park
Southern Finland, Kymenlaakso Region
Town of Kotka (www.kotka.fi), Municipality of Pyhtää (www.pyhtaa.fi, in Finnish)
Area: 17 sq. km. Established in 1996.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus
The Emblem of Valkmusa National Park - Purple-bordered Gold (Idaea muricata)

Valkmusa National Park offers visitors great views of vast mire landscape. During summer you can walk along a short duckboarded trail, but in winter you can get to any part of the park by ski. High cliffs by the mires and the park’s nature observation tower are places where visitors can best see the surrounding area and watch birds.

The largest and most versatile mires of Southern Finland are within the boundaries of Valkmusa National Park. The River Kymijoki adds its own interesting splash of colour and movement to the spacious scenery. The river’s western tributary flows to the park’s northern boundary. The National Park has less than 2 sq. km of forest.

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