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Activities in Tiilikkajärvi National Park 

What can one do in Tiilikkajärvi National Park?

Cross-country skiing at Tiilikka. Photo: Auvo Sapattinen

Walk on Marked Trails

The area has good hiking possibilities. There are 20 km of marked hiking trails. Uiton kierto Trail (7 km) is the park’s most popular trail.

Go Wilderness Trekking

Virvatulten polku Trail is a 19 km hiking trail from Tiilikkajärvi to the Metsäkartano nature tourist centre at Rautavaara. The trail leads through protected old-growth forest and by Pumpulikirkko Giant’s Kettle, which is open on one side. Visitors can camp on the shore of Lake Yrttilampi, which is situated by the trail between Pumpulikirkko and Metsäkartano.

Go Canoeing and Rowing

  • Lake Tiilikka offers easy boating and canoeing conditions is the middle of magnificent scenery. Even beginners can safely canoe here, as there is no large bodies of water and no currents.
  • There is not rental of boats and canoes at Tiilikkajärvi National Park.
  • Use of motor boats is forbidden in the area.
  • There are no marked boating routes in the park. Landing places within the restricted area are marked in the terrain and on the map of the park.
  • Visitors can begin their journey by water from near the Sammakkotammi information point or at Pohjoisniemi parking area. From there canoes must be carried 30 metres along duckboards.
  • There is also a boat stage at Uiton kämppä rental hut.
  • When waters are low canoes cannot be lowered into to the water at Sammakkosahi near Sammakkotammi. Canoes must be carried along the shore to deeper waters. If waters are high in May and June visitors can canoe all the way from Sammakkotammi to the River Tiilikanjoki. At the beginning of this route there are small rapids. After this the river flows for the main part outside the National Park’s boundaries. The River Tiilikanjoki flows into the beautiful Lake Älänne.

Go Canoe Trekking

Tiilikkajärvi is part of the Northeastern Savo canoeing route (70 km) from Lake Tiilikka to Lake Älänne.

See the Sights an Scenery

Ski Cross-country off Trails

Skiing is permitted in the park. Ski trails are however only maintained when the park hosts the Tiilikan hiihto ski event. The event has bee held in March-April annually from 1994. The ski expedition is made up of two routes, which are 7 and 10 kilometres long.The classical cross-country ski trails begin at the Sammakkotammi information point. From there the trail circles by Uiton kämppä rental hut back to the starting point and continues from there so that the entire route is 17 km long. Snacks have traditionally been eaten outside of Uiton kämppä. The event is open to the public and is free of charge. About 200 skiers have taken part in the event each spring. Come enjoy skiing amidst beautiful scenery.

Go Fishing

Angling and ice-fishing are permitted as an Everyman’s Right  (www.environment.fi). In the restricted areas on Cape Pohjoisniemi and at Venäjänhiekka Beach, however, angling and lure fishing is forbidden from the shore. Lure fishing is permitted in the park’s waters if you have a lure fishing permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the Provinces of Eastern Finland or Oulu (www.mmm.fi) or a Metsähallitus lure fishing permit (permit area 1401). Metsähallitus fishing permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (www.eraluvat.fi, in Finnish).

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Picking of berries and mushrooms is permitted except in restricted areas, where visitors are forbidden to go from 15. 4. to 15. 7. Entering or landing by boat in the ridge area of Pohjoisniemi and Kalmoniemi is only permitted on marked trails and landing places when there is no snow on the ground. The most common berries in the park are blueberries and cloudberries.

Go Swimming

There is no official swimming spot in the park. Swimming is, however, permitted in all parts of the park except in restricted area. One of the park’s naturally formed sandy beaches is Venäjänhiekka, which is perfect for sunbathing and picnics. The boat stage at Uiton kämppä rental hut is also a good place to go swimming. It is open to the public.

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