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Activities in Seitseminen National Park 

What can one do in Seitseminen National Park?

Walk on Marked Trails

Liesjärvi camping site is a pleasant place to settle for the night. Photo: Timo NieminenSeitseminen National Park offers good hiking facilities. There are about 60 km of marked trails in the park.

Go Wilderness Trekking

The surrounding municipalities maintain Pirkan Taival hiking trail network, which leads to directions of Ikaalinen (www.ikaalinen.fi), Ylöjärvi (www.ylojarvi.fi) and Parkano (www.parkano.fi, in Finnish), and even as far as Helvetinjärvi National Park. Visitors can stay overnight in tents, at a lean-to shelter or at a rental cabin.

See the Visitor Centre

Seitseminen Visitor Centre in the northern part of the park has many services and interesting exhibitions.

Walk on Nature Trail

On the four Nature Trails of the park it is possible to find out about the special features of the area. Runokangas Trail (2 km) starts at the Visitor Centre. Jäätikköpolku Trail (1,5 km) winds around on Seitsemisharju Ridge. Multiharjun aarnimetsäpolku Trail (2 km) shows the treasures of the ancient forest. Suoluontopolku Trails (2 km) at Soljanen will tell you about the special features of mires (restricted area, map).

Go Snowshoe Walking

In the National Park is possible to snowshoe walk, except in the restricted areas (map), From Visitor Centre is possible to rent snowshoes.

Ski Cross-Country on Maintained Trails and off Trails

In the winter there is about 20 km long, maintained skiing trail, suitable for classical skiing. In the National Park it is also allowed to ski off marked trails, taking the restrictions into account: at Pakkulakangas and Multiharju skiing is allowed on hiking trails, and on the restricted areas (map) of Lake Iso-Seitsemisjärvi and Lakes Soljanen moving around is prohibited altogether 1.4. - 15.7.

Go Ski Trekking

By continuing along Pirkan Taival Skiing Trail you can go on ski treks lasting a few days. The skiing trail is maintained by the municipality of Kuru. Skiers can stay overnight in tents, at a lean-to shelter or at a rental cabin.

Go Fishing

In the ponds of the National Park, angling and ice fishing is allowed without licence by everyman´s right.

Go Cycling

The trails suitable for cycling have been marked on the map. Elsewhere cycling is not allowed, because of the risk of wearing of the ground, and safety of hikers. At the Visitor Centre it is possible to hire bikes, and drive slowly in the peaceful setting. More information about cycling possibilities you can find here (www.tampere.fi, in Finnish).

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

Picking berries and mushrooms is allowed by everyman’s right in the park, except in the restricted areas (map), where walking is only allowed on trails, or where it is prohibited to move around during certain times of year.

Go Swimming

Swimming is allowed in almost all the lakes and ponds in the National Park - except the restricted area (map) of Lake Iso-Seitsemisjärvi, where it is prohibited to move around 1.4. - 31.7., to protect the nesting birds. The are no official life guards. The shores of most of the lakes are swampy, but there are swimming platforms and steps at Lakes Kirkaslampi and Pitkäjärvi.

Go Horseback Riding

Icelandic horse farm Tiurantalli (www.tiurantalli.kotisivukone.com, in Finnish), a private enterprise in Kuru organises horseback hiking excursions on the little roads in the National Park.

Go Canoeing

North of Seitseminen there is a beautiful lake of Aurejärvi. A part of this lake is a nature reserve. There are private tourist services  (www.visittampere.fi) in the area, which rent out canoes.

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