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Rokua National Park 

Rokua National Park. Photo: Saara Aikaksinen
Location of Rokua National Park in Finland
Municipalities of Muhos (www.muhos.fi, in Finnish), Utajärvi (www.utajarvi.fi, in Finnish) and Vaala (www.vaala.fi)
Area: 8,8 sq.km. Established in 1956.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.
The Emblem of Rokua National Park - Common Redstart


In Rokua National Park you can sense the effects of the last Ice Age. National Park is a part of the wider Rokua Geopark area, which in turn is part of the Global Network of the National  Geoparks supported by UNESCO. 

Rokuanvaara Hill has dry forests, which offer quite easy terrain for hiking trips lasting a couple of days. Rokua has several hiking trails, and many services.


Rokuanvaara Hill is an esker formed of sand, and its barren dry forests are covered in bright white lichen. There are many small lakes with clear water, ancient shoreline embankments from the earlier stages of the Baltic Sea, and deep holes in the esker, called “suppa”, which have been formed by the Ice Age. The National Park is located on the southern side of the hill, where old pine forests grow in their natural state. The area is one of the northernmost places where rare and threatened species typical for eskers can be found.

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