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Services in Nuuksio National Park 

Customer Service and Guidance

  • Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
  • Nuuksio Customer Service number: +35840 163 6200
  • Guide Hut Haukanpesä is open during the summer.
    • Maps and other small products are sold at the Guide Hut.
    • Information and guidance on hiking, at the Nature Information Hut.
    • Guided tours in the park for school and kindergarten groups.

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the National Park

Meals, where to buy and prepare

Campfire Sites and Cooking Shelters

  • Camping in Nuuksio National Park. Photo: Mauri LeivoHaukanholma: campfire place and cooking shelter,
  • Mustalampi: campfire place and 2 cooking shelters,
  • Holma-Saarijärvi: 2 campfire places and lean-to shelter,
  • Isoholma: campfire place,
  • Urja: campfire place,
  • Vääräjärvi: campfire place,
  • Takala: lean-to shelter,
  • Kattila: campfire place, cooking shelter and reservable campfire shelter,
  • Saarilampi: campfire place and
  • Kolmoislampi: reservable camping site / campfire place

Note that lighting fire even at the campfire places is not allowed if the forest fire warning is in effect.

Reservable Campfire Shelter

There is a campfire shelter in Kattila, free for all to reserve. In the middle of the building there are three fireplaces, where you can cook on open fire. On the benches there are seats for 70 persons.

Information and reservations from the customer service of Greenwindow (www.greenwindow.fi) tel.int. +358 9 8552 559 (office hours) and +358 40 7506 001.

Drinking Water

  • There is a water tap at the Haukkalampi Guide Hut.
  • There is a water tap behind the main building at Kattila. The water tap at Kattila is temporarily out of order (updated 5.8.2011).

Waste Management


  • In the National Park there are dry toilets at each campfire site, camping site, cooking shelter and lean-to shelter. There are dry toilets also next to Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut and in Kattila.

Overnight stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

In Nuuksio National Park there are twelve free camping sites. Nine of these sites are provided with campfire site, firewood shelter with axe, and dry toilet. The camping sites are located at

  • Mustalampi (2),
  • Haukanholma,
  • Holma-Saarijärvi (2),
  • Isoholma,
  • Saarilampi,
  • Urja and
  • Vääräjärvi.

The camping sites without campfire site are located at

  • Valkealampi,
  • Pöksynhaara and
  • Valkialampi.

In addition there is one reservable camping site, where fee is charged for camping. It is similar to the free camping sites but require a reservation. It is located at

  • Kolmoislampi.

The reservations cost

  • 11 am to 7 pm: 20 euros (incl. VAT 10%)
  • 7 pm to 10.30 am: 30 euros (incl. VAT 10%)

Reservations can be made at Haltia.

The lean-to shelters are located at Holma-Saarijärvi and Takala.

Rental Huts

There are two very basic rental huts in the National Park, Oravankolo and Tikankolo.

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

Information on lodging in the surrounding area can be found at tourist information offices of Helsinki (www.hel.fi), Espoo (www.visitespoo.fi) and Vihti (www.vihti.fi).

Conference Room and Sauna for Rent

  • At Kattila area: Information and reservations at Green Window (www.greenwindow.fi) customer service, tel.int. +3589 8552 559 (office hours) or +35840 7506 001
  • At Valkealampi: Information and reservations at Green Window (www.greenwindow.fi).

Services for the Disabled

The National Park landscape is quite demanding, due to differences in altitude. However, around Haukkalampi and Kattila it is possible to use wheelchair. There is no special toilet for the disabled in the National Park.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • There are a lot of services available in Espoo Centre, about 15 km from Nuuksio.
  • Public telephones are located in Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and in conference hotel Siikaranta (www.hotellisiikaranta.fi). The phones can be used when these places are open.
  • Nearest places to buy fuel are along the Nupurintie Road (Nupurinkalliontie 1), in the fork to Nuuksio (Brobackantie), and in Veikkola Village.
Last updated 4/10/2014

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