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Services in Leivonmäki National Park 

Customer Service and Guidance

  • The information boards at Selänpohja and Kirveslampi parking areas give information about Leivonmäki National Park.
  • Seitseminen Visitor Centre answers questions about Leivonmäki National Park around the year.

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the National Park

Meals, where to buy and prepare

Campfire Sites

  • Lintuniemi: campfire site (campfire shelter)
  • Joutsniemi: campfire site
  • Soimalampi: campfire site (lean-to shelter)
  • Harjujärvi: campfire site (campfire shelter)
  • Niinisaari Island: campfire site (lean-to shelter)
  • Halttunen Island: campfire site (lean-to shelter)

Please note that lighting campfires is forbidden also at the campfire places if the forest fire warning is in effect.

Drinking Water

  • Surface water, such as water from lakes, rivers and brooks should be boiled before drinking, because the quality of the water varies in different areas.
  • Drinking water from the parks water-system is at each person’s own risk.

Waste Management

  • There are no waste-bins in the park. Measures should be taken in advance to avoid taking unnecessary waste into the area. Of the waste that accumulates during your trip, you can use campfire sites to burn those articles which can safely be burnt, and leave biodegradable waste in the dry toilets. Take all other waste out of the area. Read more about Hiking without Littering.


  • There is a dry toilet at Selänpohja parking area.
  • There are dry toilets at every campfire site.
  • There is a dry toilet also suitable for the disabled at Lake Harjujärvi campfire shelter.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

  • Camping is allowed only on Lintuniemi camping site (about 5-7 tents). The facilities include a sheltered campfire place (room for 20 people to eat), a table and benches, firewood shelter and axe, and a dry toilet.
  • In the lean-to shelter by Lake Soimalampi, there is room for four people to stay overnight. The facilities include a constructed campfire place, firewood shelter and axe, and a dry toilet. There is a platform on the shore for getting water from the lake.
  • In the lean-to shelters of Niinisaari and Halttunen Islands there is room for four people to stay overnight in each. The facilities are same as in Soimalampi.

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

  • More information on accommodation services in the surrounding areas can be found on the webpage of the municipality of Joutsa (www.joutsa.fi).
  • Some of the enterprises mentioned below offer also accommodation.

Services for the Disabled

  • Luupään lenkki Circle Trail in the southern part of the National Park was designed so that disabled visitors could also be able to enjoy it. The portion of the trail from the shore of Lake Harjujärvi to Lake Turasenlammit is 700 m long. It is very wide and has duckboards and is therefore accessible by wheelchair. On the shore of Lake Harjujärvi there is a campfire shelter especially designed for use by the disabled, as well as a dry toilet for the disabled. Harjujärvi campfire shelter can be reached by taxis for the disabled. The key for the locked gate can be ordered in advance from Seitseminen Visitor Centre or picked up from Röykkälän luomutila (www.lammastila.com) (Harjunlahdentie 760, tel. int. +35840 729 4134)..

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • The village of Leivonmäki (12 km from the National Park) has a a shop, post office services, a pharmacy, a taxi and a bank, but no ATM.
  • The village of Rutalahti (9 km from the National Park) has a shop and post office services.
Last updated 5/27/2013

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