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Ekenäs Archipelago National Park 

Ekenäs Archipelago National Park. Photo: Hans-Erik Nyman
Location of Ekenäs Archipelago National Park in Finland
Southern Finland, Nyland Region
Municipality of Raseborg (www.raseborg.fi)
Area 52 sq.km. Established in 1989.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.
Emblem of Ekenäs Archipelago National Park - Common Eider

Ekenäs Archipelago National Park in the Gulf of Finland is a beautiful part of Nyland archipelago. The park offers good possibilities for boating.

The National Park is located in Western Nyland near the southern coast of Finland and it includes three out of the four archipelago zones: inner and outer archipelago, and the open sea. Almost 90% of the park consists of water areas, and it has no other land areas but islands, such as Älgö, Fladalandet, Modermagan and the western part of Jussarö. The private land and water areas inside the National Park are not part of the park, and the park rules and regulations do not apply there either.

European Diploma of Protected Areas of the Council of EuropeTwo National Parks in Finland have been awarded with the European Diploma of Protected Areas of the Council of Europe (www.coe.int). One is Ekenäs Archipelago National Park, and the other one is Seitseminen National Park. The Diploma is valid 2011 - 2021.

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Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services is responsible for mapping the underwater biodiversity of the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park:  yhteisö.luontoon.fi  

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