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Bothnian Sea National Park 

Säppi Photo: Laura Lehtonen
Location of Bothnian Sea National Park in Finland
Western Finland, Satakunta and Southwest Finland
Municipalities of  Eurajoki (www.eurajoki.fi), Kustavi (en.kustavi.kummeli.fi), Luvia (www.luvia.fi, in Finnish), Merikarvia (www.merikarvia.fi) and Pyhäranta (www.pyharanta.fi, in Finnish), Towns of Pori (www2.pori.fi), Rauma (www.rauma.fi) and Uusikaupunki (www.uusikaupunki.fi)
The area covers 912 km2 of which 15 km2 is land. Established 2011.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.
The Emblem of Bothnian Sea National Park - Goosander and Narrow wrack
Come and get to know the unique and constantly changing nature in the archipelago being created by land uplift in the Bothnian Sea National Park. Trips of a day or two are best started from one of the harbours on the coast, and destinations can include, for example, the magnificent lighthouse islands or the barren outer archipelago. The sceneries can also be enjoyed by canoe in the more sheltered areas of the archipelago.

98% of the National Park is under water. Thus the park’s importance in protecting the submarine nature is particularly great. Southern and northern species meet in the area, which makes it even more significant for observing the effects of climate change. The area also has a rich birdlife, and many migratory birds like to stop off in the park to have a rest.

The National Park comprises areas that differ from each other in their physical geography: the Oura, Gummandoora and Pooskeri Archipelagos, Preiviikinlahti Bay and the Luvia, Rauma, Uusikaupunki and Seksmiilari Archipelagos.

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