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Bothnian Bay National Park 

Bothnian Bay National Park. Photo: Seppo Yli-Kankaanpää
Location of Bothnian Bay National Park in Finland
Southern Lapland
Towns of Kemi (www.kemi.fi) and Tornio (www.tornio.fi)
Area: 157 sq. km, of which 2.5 sq. km on land. Established in 1991
The area is managed by Metsähallitus
The Emblem of Perämeri National Park - Arctic Tern and Primula Nutans var. jokelae

In Bothnian Bay National Park, located in the northern Baltic Sea, visitors can learn about the area’s unique and ever changing natural features, which were formed by land uplift.

As well as varying nature, the traditional fishing bases and heritage landscapes are worth seeing. In addition there is a rich variety of birds in the area and the distinctive vegetation includes several rare or threatened plant species.

The National Park is ideal for boat trips of one to two days for experienced boaters.

Last updated 12/11/2013

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