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Inari Hiking Area 

Photo: Kimmo Kuure
Location of Inari Hiking Area in Finland
Northern Lapland Region
Municipality of Inari (www.inari.fi)
Area: 1215 sq.km. Proposed as a state hiking area.
The area is managed by Metsähallitus.

The landscape of Inari Hiking Area, with the impressive Lake Inarijärvi, the hills and fells, the rivers in between, and the shining lakes, offers nature and Lapland enthusiasts something new to see and to do on every visit.

The large Lake Inarijärvi and its surroundings are a good place to explore the wilderness-like nature of northern Lapland. For the local people, the area also serves the needs for recreation, and fishing for household use. Tourism companies bring their customers to Inari all year round. In total, about 200 000 visits are made every year to the area.

Metsähallitus has proposed the establishment of Inari Hiking Area as a state hiking area in the municipality of Inari. It would include the areas of Juutua and Myössäjärvi, the recreational forests on state-owned lands, and the water areas on the western part of Lake Inarijärvi. Also commercial forestry may be practiced in the hiking area, but in such a way that the recreational needs and landscape management are emphatically taken into account. To of the southwest of Inari Hiking Area is Hammastunturi Wilderness Area and to its northeast Vätsäri Wilderness Area, which is part of the Finnish-Norwegian-Russian protected area entity called Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park (www.pasvik-inari.net).

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Last updated 10/25/2013

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