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Ekenäs Visitor Centre 

Ekenäs Visitor Centre provides information on the nature and uniqueness of the western Uusimaa archipelago.

Ekenäs Visitor Centre. Photo: Heini Ukkonen


There is no entrance fee. Groups should make reservations in advance. We charge for group tours.


By CarMap of the surroundings of Ekenäs Visitor Centre © Metsähallitus 2005

Ekenäs Visitor Centre is located in the centre of Ekenäs (Tammisaari) right next to the guest harbour.

By Public Transportation

Trains (www.vr.fi) and coaches (www.matkahuolto.fi) travel to Ekenäs Town daily from, for example, Helsinki and Turku.


  • Information and brochures on Metsähallitus products and services.
  • Information on Ekenäs Archipelago National Park and hiking destinations in the surrounding areas, such as bird watching towers and nature trails.
  • Information on hiking.
  • We sell maps of the surrounding area, books, posters and other related products.
  • Guided tours for groups.
  • There is a summer cafe, restaurants, a beach and a guest harbour close-by to the Visitor Centre.

A Sea of Change

Photo: Heini UkkonenThe new permanent exhibition of the Ekenäs Visitor Centre offers a glimpse into how nature and life in the archipelago has changed over the years. The sea of change offers an interactive way for everyone to explore the changes in the archipelago, both on land and in the sea. The visitor can go from a pier or visit a fisherman`s hut from the early 1900`s. You can also take a dive to explore life beneath the waves. The exhibition is well suited for the whole family, but made especially with the enviromental education of children in mind. We hope that the exhibition will make the visitor think; what can I do to help the sensitive environment of the archipelago?

The Visitor Centre is located in a 170-year-old storehouse.

Auditorium and AV Presentations

  • The auditorium seats 50 people. Presentations in English:
    • Pictures from the archipelago, DVD 20 mins.
    • Grey seal, DVD 10 mins.
    • Maamiehen maisema, DVD 45 mins.
    • Muutosten maaseutu, DVD 15 mins.
    • Luonto palaa! DVD 15 mins.
    • The Kvarken - brackish water under change, DVD 18 mins.
    • Ennallistamalla ehommaksi, DVD 15 mins.
    • Seals in the Baltic Sea, DVD 50 mins
    • An archipelago-themed 15-minute film accompanied by music. Length 20 mins.
    • Nature videos
  • Presentations are shown on request. Groups can make reservations in advance.
  • Presentations are free-of-charge.
  • The auditorium can be rented for conference use.

Reference library

On the second floor of the visitor centre is a small reference library, which provides advanced information about the nature and the environment. There you can read nature and archipelago themed magazines or books and draw a picture of the archipelago on a post card, which you can then send to a friend or relative. For children there are also other things to do, e.g. read children`s books and play board games.

Services for the Disabled

  • There is a wheelchair ramp next to the Visitor Centre’s outside stairs.
  • The exhibition space is accessible by wheelchair, except for small sections on the second floor.
  • The auditorium is accessible by wheelchair.
  • The building has a toilet for the disabled.

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Ekenäs Visitor Centre is Housed in a 170-Year-Old Building

Ekenäs Visitor Centre is on the mainland in an old salt storehouse, which was built in the 1840’s. The building has previously functioned as a customs house and an ironmonger’s storehouse. In 1970 one of Finland’s first discotheques was opened there. It was a popular night-spot, but was closed down due to the fear that the building would collapse into the harbour. After extensive repairs Ekenäs Visitor Centre was opened there in 1995.

Last updated 12/20/2013

Opening Hours in 2014


12.3–14.5 Wed–Sat 10–15
15.5–31.5 Tue–Sun 10–15
1.6–30.6 Mon–Sun 10–18
1.7–31.7 Mon–Sun 10–20
1.8–31.8 Mon–Sun 10–18
1.9–31.10 Wed–Sat 10–15


Opening hours at Midsummer

Friday 10-15

Saturday 12-18

Sunday 10-18


Groups may visit also at other times. Please book on advance by phone or e-mail. 

Contact Information



Ekenäs Visitor Centre


10600 Tammisaari, Finland

Tel. int.

+358 205 64 4613


+358 205 64 4614




The Visitor Centre is managed by Metsähallitus.

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