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Konungsskär Open Wilderness Hut 


Open Wilderness Hut for 4 persons.

Location, Maps and Description

The Hut is situated in Konungsskär Island in the northern part of the Archipelago National Park.

Archipelago National Park Excursion Map

Nautical chart D, Konungsskär - Birsskär

Coordinates (WGI-84) N 60°3,86' E 21°34,81'

Konungsskär open wilderness hut. Photo: Sanna-Mari Rivasto


A wood stove, a platform bed for four.
The yard has a campfire site and a dry toilet.


There is no well at the hut, so you must bring your own drinking water!
Pets are permitted in the hut.

Waste Management

The principles of Hiking Without Littering are practiced in Archipelago National Park. This means that visitors are asked to take with them everything they brought into the area.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Natural Heritage Services Southern Finland. For more information contact Archipelago Visitor Centre Blue Mussel.

Last updated 10/4/2013
Metsähallitus, P.O. Box 94 (Vernissakatu 4), FI-01301 Vantaa, Tel. +358 205 64 100